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Origins of the Heart/Love Symbol 

Heart Symbol Timeline


300-100 BC- In India the Gold and Faience Heart-Shaped Pendant was created. 

Late 9th & Early 8th Century to 146 BC-  A city-state in Northern Africa used silphium, a species of giant fennel with heart-shaped seeds, as a contraceptive and used the image on its coins. 

4th Century BC- Greek philosophers believed the heart was the center of the soul and governed emotions. 

2nd Century AD- The Greek physician and father of medicine Galen described the heart as a three-chambered organ shaped like a pine cone and graphically depicted upside down.

476to 1453 AD- Medieval lords used the heart symbol in Coat of Arms but the Medieval concept of courtly love spurred heart illustrations that glorified romance. 

496 AD- Valentine’s Day was observed to  honor the martyred saint who assisted lovers and married them secretly. 

15th Century AD- The heart image, now inverted, appeared on playing cards in Europe.

1673- French nun and Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque envisioned Jesus’ Sacred Heart.

17th Century AD- The English began using simple love notes adorned with hearts to commemorate Valentine's Day.  

1977- The heart became a verb on  "I ♥ NY" T-shirt in the United States.

1965 to Present- Video game developers used hearts to measure lives in video games and the heart symbol has become a way of  expressing emotions all across the Internet.

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Written by Claudio Lopez — January 16, 2022