Athena Silversmith

October 2012, Issue 2

By Designer Claudio López


Cooler weather provides the opportunity to dress for fall.  And that means paying attention to styles, colors and fabrics appropriate for the autumn season.  The  Beauty Fashion Fall/Winter 2012 Trends video on YouTube documents  fall fashion trends that include oversized cardigans and jumpers; fur collared cardigans and coats; layering; leather skirts and jackets; leather leggings and tights; and mustard color apparel.


Along with style one should also observe color. The basic rule for fall is to wear darker colors.  However, the 2012 fashion trends indicate a preference for a wide array of solid hues. Popular colors include brown, black, taupe, winter white, and many shades of gray, as well as dark rich blues, according to Plus Top Ten Fashion Trends of That Defy The Hands Of Time ! by fashion critic Sharon Stajda. See


Luckily, when it comes to accessories for Fall 2012, silver jewelry goes well with all autumn hues.  Whether you are dressing up a pull over, a sweater or a knit dress, silver necklaces, chokers, earrings and  pendants personalize the outfit and add charm and grace. 


Stajda goes on to describe the palette for evening wear including hues of gold, red, vivid blues and deep jewel tones in addition to pink pastels and silvery soft blues tones.  Black remains basic to any fall/winter wardrobe with a twist says Stajda.  This fall black outfits will be paired with dark gray, stark white and dark mid-night blue.  Again, silver chokers and dangling silver earrings definitely will add a touch of class to evening wear this fall.


For more ideas on how to accessorize fall fashions with sterling silver jewelry, go to  


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Written by Claudio Lopez — September 30, 2012