Athena Silversmith

July 2014

By Designer Claudio Lopez


Athena Silversmith was named after the Greek goddess Athena. Greek mythology holds that Athena, the daughter of Zeus, was the goddess of wisdom, arts, crafts and warfare. Legend has it that the mighty Zeus swallowed his wife, Métis, goddess of crafty thought and wisdom, because he feared that their child would replace him as the ruling god. However, he could not prevent Athena’s birth. Athena sprang from Zeus’ head after another god used an ax to open Zeus’ skull. The child was born with a helmet and spade in her hand and became patron deity of warfare, helping Greek gods to win countless battles. Greek mythology sustains Athena as the founder of Athens to which she bestowed an Olive tree that provided sustenance, wood and oil for the population. Athena also patronized arts and crafts and invented the loom, the flute and the trumpet, according to Athena by Nancy Loewen.

Her inherent characteristics such as majestic, daring, audacious, beautiful, timeless, classic, empowering, expressive, ostentatious, rebellious, charming, witty, elegant, regal, stunning, feminine, artistic, eclectic, avant-garde, trendy, witty, powerful, confident, enduring also describe women in general.

Today the goddess Athena can serve as inspiration for women. In fact, I use the goddess Athena as my muse to create untamed, free form jewelry that depicts women in all their facets. For example, new pieces that illustrate Athenian traits include the Silver and Copper Warrior Necklace that expresses the audacious woman. The Silver Cuff communicates confidence and power. The Sterling Silver Dangling Earrings connote endurance while the Sterling Silver Infinity Ring alludes to timeless.

All pieces, made of durable sterling silver, are handcrafted with the utmost care. So if you are looking for something unique that expresses a woman’s power and elegance, visit our online jewelry boutique at

Athena Silversmith to Showcase Products at “Rhythm of the Street” Event in San Marcos

Athena Silversmith will join other artists at the Artisan Market in San Marcos from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.on July 26 in the LBJ & MLK street parking lots. The Market will be held in conjunction with the “Rhythm of the Street” event on South LBJ Drive and Foodstock, a food drive and concert to benefit the Hays County Food Bank. The event organized by the San Marcos Downtown Association not only drives commerce to San Marcos but also is helping to feed the hungry. The public is invited to bring non-perishable goods or a donation.

The event will coincide with the opening of the San Marcos Weekly Farmer’s Market and Foodstock will provide free music from 1 - 6 p.m.

Written by Claudio Lopez — July 14, 2014